SAS Courses

SAS Courses are only available through Accredited SAS Providers. To find out more about the SAS method and how it may help to improve learning, development and daily life, click the Client Information Form, or find an Accredited SAS Provider.

Types of SAS Courses:

1. Starter Courses reduce anxiety, stress and fear, whilst improving general well-being, concentration, attention and motivation. Starter Courses are designed as an introduction allowing you to familiarize yourself with a SAS Course. They give you the opportunity to experience initial effects, however due to the short duration, these changes may not be permanent. Starter Courses have half-hour listening sessions for 12 days, and are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Course Fee: £ 40 / € 46 / US$ 50 *

2. Personalised Full Courses are designed around the needs and abilities of each client, based on a detailed online questionnaire and any supplementary information provided. Our experienced SAS Course designers will carefully select the contents, techniques and intensity levels to achieve maximum effectiveness in the shortest possible time. Personalised Full Courses consist of one hour of listening each day for 24 days and are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Course Fee: £ 300 / € 350 / US$ 375 *

3. Personalised Follow-on Courses are intended for clients who have recently completed a Personalised Full Course. It provides the opportunity to continue the Personalised Course, further strengthening and consolidating the effect. Personalised Follow-on Courses consist of 12 days of 30 minute and 12 days of 20 minute listening sessions, in total 10 hours of listening over 24 days. Course Fee: £ 110 / € 125 / US$ 135 *

4. Courses for the Elderly are intended for people who experience age-related loss of mental agility. Courses for the Elderly are designed to improve everyday functioning, communication and quality of life. They are also helpful during rehabilitation after a stroke or supporting the treatment of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimers Disease. Courses for the Elderly lasts 78 days, and consist of a total of 46 hours of listening, with initial daily sessions of one hour, gradually reducing to 20 minutes. Course Fee: £ 300 / € 350 / US$ 375 *

* The prices indicated are for guidance only. A SAS Provider may offer additional services, such as intake appointments, tests and evaluations, reports, etc. that may be chargeable in addition to the prices shown.

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